Emmanuel Macron, French President. Or is it « Emmanuel-Oedipussy Bates-Macron » ?

Actually, the whole thing reminds me of Hitchcock’s Psycho

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Emmanuel MacronJustin Trudeau, Barack Obama, Netherland Green Party leader Jesse Klaver, UK Green Party Leader Jonathan Bartley,  they all look “boyish.”

Same kind of body language, almost effeminate, depending.

End-of-empire, end-of-civilisation leaders or leaders-to-be.

They seem to be bathing, up to their nostrils, in the motherly deluding waters of the oedipus complex.  Macron reminds me of Norman Bates in Hitchkock’s Psycho.  They aren’t grown men, really.  They aren’t women either.

Actually, it’s like they had been definitely encapsulated in the motherly psycho-biological substance at a very early age.  And could not evolve afterwards.  I mean that, subconsciously, they are still under the deep infantile influence of their mother.  Immersed in it, submerged, prisoner of it.   They never emerged from those waters.  The press often call them “boyish.”  They put it mildly.

Those leaders have been, literally, retarded and kept childish, infantile, “nice” and devoid of real intelligence at a certain stage in their psychological growth.

They are the pathetic outcome of a hundred years of growing feminist supremacism and father and male bashing.

The boyish gang can’t help dissolving their own nation and civilisation in a sort of undifferentiated moisture.  They are, metaphorically, vaginal.  I don’t think they can help it.

Psychos ?

Emmanuel Macron was caught and captured by his present-day matrone-wife, Brigitte Trogneux, when he was a 15 year old teen.  In 1992.

Brigitte Trogneux.  Mommy..

Trogneux was his teacher [ first I wrote “her teacher” instead of “his teacher”; it sticked there for a while, I didn’t notice..).

Brigitte Trogneux was 25 years older than the boy.

She fucked him.

Brigitte Trogneux was married.  She divorced her husband  in 2006.  Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Trogneux got married in 2007.

They never had children.

( However, in August 2017, the Presidential couple solemnly announced their adoption of a pet dog they named Nemo[18]  Hum ?  No.  They never adopted a  migrant.  Non mais !  The burden is on you.  Be nice. )

Brigitte was almost 40 when she got her grip on Emmanuel Macron.  In 1992.  She was almost 25 years older than him.

Brigitte is now 70 years old.  Macron is 40.  The old bitch gives me the creeps.  And I’m not talking about Trogneux’s ridiculous skinny, bony legs :  like many others, I can sense something insane emanating from that woman.

Mommy .. ( Norman Bates’ mother, Hitchkock’s Psycho )

Actually, the couple gives me the creeps.

The whole thing reminds me, somehow, of Hitchcock’s Psycho.

It also reminds me of Sophocles’ King Oedipus  :  the killing of the King by his own son, then the Queen marrying and fucking her own son.

Somehow, the Trogneux-Macron relationship looks like the accomplishment of some sort of “collective freudian prophecy” at the highest level of the State and country :

Oedipus didn’t know the King was his father when he killed him, neither did the King knew it was his son hacking him.  The Queen didn’t  know Oedipus was her son when they both got married after the killing of the King by “that young guy.”  Oedipus didn’t know the Queen was his mother.  A fantastic tale of wall-to-wall unconsciousness..

Me, Oedipus Macron,  happy happy to be president.  Mommy m’adore.  I’m the supreme Mangina.

And you know what ?

Well, Emmanuel Macron doesn’t know either that he married his mother.  Or rather, was married by his mother. Doesn’t know.

That’s the point.  It’s unconscious.

It’s the same as in Sophocles’ King Oedipus.

The same as for that powerful deep unconscious archetype to which Freud gave the famous appellation of “oedipus complex,” referring to Sophocles’ work.

Brigitte Trogneux doesn’t know she married her son.  (And who can understand that?)  Macron ignores that somehow he symbolically killed his father, the King, and has been having sex with his mother, the Queen, since the age of fifteen

Again, that’s the point  :   France – and Europe –  are the theater of a grim, dark tale of suicidal unconsciousness that is growing darker and darker.

That’s the power of the archetype.  More unconscious people are of it, more powerful and domineering its grip on them.

No unconscious soul can escape that grip.

Entire populations, millions and millions, are presently immersed in a kind of “no one knows” chaotic twilight zone.

But, in a sense, to quote Leonard Cohen, Everybody Knows.  As through some kind of ominous toxic mist.  Or people feel sick, simply, but they don’t know why.  Actually, they’re contaminated by insanity at the highest level.

Apparently, what I write may seem “non-sensical,” but lots of people can sense there’s something ominous behind, under, around, sometimes within themselves as well as emanating from the weird couple.  Or somewhat represented by it.

We know, but we don’t know.  It doesn’t make sense, but it’s there.

It doesn’t make sense but something in us “sense a sense,” and it sticks, even though we brush it aside or try to do so.

It goes around, it comes around, and it seems people will end up falling for it, for good, like night flies dancing around the flame.  Then, will it be “too late?”  Masses of unconscious people will have been swallowed by fire before the riddle can be solved ?

Meanwhile, feminism has accomplished its cycle of contamination, liquefaction, destruction, in France as in Western Europe, indeed in the whole Western World.  Unstoppable, it seems.

Is that how nations die?  They can’t defend themselves against insanity from the outside, they can’t defend themselves against insanity within.   They just can’t defend themselves, anyhow, period.  Unconscious powerful forces are squeezing them out of conciousness and existence.  Like toothpaste.

Nations are dying when masses of men have become effeminate, ideologically “feministed,” stupidly smiling like infantile kiddies, of all ages and sex, their fingers constantly masturbating the colorful and flattened clithoris of their iphone.

Nations die  when fathers are agonising, crushed under feminazi lies, laws, plundering of income, poisonous hubris, female privileges and so on.  Nations die when women, mothers, daughters, are on the loose and have been transformed, for good, into hysterical raving lunatics, feral bitches, repugnant drunken whores.

Patriarchy has been hacked to death and chaos follows.  Naturally.

The present French President’s name could be Emmanuel-Oedipussy Bates-Macron.  With a characteristic smell of dead fish when pronounced.

Norman Bates, Hitchcock Psycho‘s psycho.  Emmanuel-Oedipussy Bates-Macron.  I am Mommy.  And I’m back in the womb of the dead.  Gulped.

There is an odour of psychosis and a stench of useless overaborting vagina hovering like a sickening darkening mist over France and Europe.  Over North America.  Over huge areas of our world.

Wait and watch (and prepare, if you understand).  It could become very ugly.  I mean, much more ugly than anything we’ve seen yet.

If not, you will have witnessed a miracle.

We’re living through sick, nightmarish, terrible times..

After the end, only real men will be able to save what will remain of humanity.  And build something new.  As they always do.

There’s no freedom and no order without men at the helm.  That’s the fundamental paradox.  If it is a paradox.

Among those men, thousands, indeed some millions, are already mgtow..


Quand les mères de mort dominent invisiblement la psyché

L’avortement, le foetus, Morgentaler, et la peine de mort :  les holocaustes préventifs

Les femen  :  ressurgence de la symbolique nazi.  Cruauté criarde, hystérique, sado-maso.

Un « Antifa Manual » anonyme qui circule sur internet. Racisme Anti-Blanc. Texte intégral.




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2 Responses to Emmanuel Macron, French President. Or is it « Emmanuel-Oedipussy Bates-Macron » ?

  1. De plus en plus tu vas vers l’anglais; c’est un peu décevant mais c’est très tendance.


    • Ce sont des notes que j’ai développées. La plupart proviennent de courts commentaires faits en anglais, qui n’étaient pas développés, qui demandaient à l’être. Voilà. C’est en bonne partie circonstanciel. Je reviens au français bientôt. Pour les mêmes raisons.

      Au moins 90% du blog est en français – ça semble très.. tendance sur Électrodes )) (Forcément, c’est ma langue maternelle.)

      ( Au fait, as-tu trouvé cet article sur Facebook ? J’ai effacé mon compte Facebook il y a deux semaines.. )


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