I got rid of the TV Set more than twelve years ago.

Tv Set Massacre by agoasi on Flickr under cc license

Tv-Set Massacre by agoasi on Flickr under cc license. (Source: click on illustration.) The problem with Tv sets is that they pollute your mind when you turn them on and watch them - and they add to pollution when you trash them. It's a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" kind of problem. It's trash any which way one takes it. As for me, I gave it to someone who... needed one. Yes, I know... This invention is both, literally, a pain in the a** and a scourge. There is no way out, it seems, except eliminating the whole stinking gremlin forever through forceful dematerialisation...

En français: Ma télé décédait il y a plus de 12 ans. Bon débarras.

For years and years, until February 1998, I watched tv regularly to obtain some information.

Finally, I got rid of the tv set more than twelve years ago. I never regretted it. Believe me, it’s worth it. It’s a lying box. And a deceiving tyrant.

When one turns on the tv set, what it always says implicitly is: “Sit down, shut up and listen.”

And we always, but always, OBEY.

You can zap the thing forever, the obnoxious bully will always deliver the same implicit message. Always. And you will always submit and obey. Always.

Millions of people have submitted themselves to that mind-degrading servitude for decades, and are still doing it with an astounding sense of confidence and duty, while daydreaming and proclaiming pompously that they were – or are – free people enjoying their “godgiven” freedoms. Their godgiven freedoms to submit, to obey, to sit down, to regress, to weaken, to shut up, to listen… to what?… Usually, to groomed lifted faces with rehearsed studied smiles, to soapy voices and overly paid arnaqueurs who more often than not will  lead people down some brand new garden path, one after an other.

If this is not a patent case of pathetic mass hypnosis, I don’t know what is.

With my best thoughts, however, to all those who still submit to the same slick bully, and still watch him or her with regular fervor, shock, awe or irritation, or are convinced they still must rely on the lying box:  sincerely, after all I’ve said, I can’t judge you.

I kept doing the same silly thing for years.

© Copyright 2009 Loup Kibiloki – Électrodes (click)

Kill Your Television.

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Trash the television if you want to rescue your intelligence.

Television sucks.

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14 Responses to I got rid of the TV Set more than twelve years ago.

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  2. Merci Loup,

    maintenant j’ai compris. Ca marche.


  3. Bonjour Loup,

    pourrais-tu me renseigner comment afficher les “widgets” sur la colonne a droite sur le blog de WordPress. “Drag” – et alors? Quand je lache la sourris, le mot ne reste pas sur place!


    Olivia Eva


  4. Eva says:

    Bonjour Loup,

    je te souhaite une bonne nouvelle année.

    Je suis très heureuse de vivre sans ordinateur depuis longtemps.
    Je préfère lire et écrire.


    Olivia Eva


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