Poésie ( Cendrars, Villon, etc. )

Loup Kibiloki ( Jacques Renaud )  :    Plusieurs suites poétiques de Loup Kibiloki ( Jacques Renaud )   –  Beaucoup de poèmes de Jacques Renaud ( Loup Kibiloki )  –  Des poèmes à Shiva –   Des histoires, des comptines, des contes.  En prose ou en versets libres.  Parfois bizarres, parfois pas.

Blaise Cendrars ( La Prose du Transsibérien et de la Petite Jehanne de France, intégral;  Pâques à New York, intégral )  –  Émile Nelligan  –  François Villon –  Arthur Rimbaud  –  Tristan Tzara  –  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Sri Aurobindo :  Savitri, A Legend and a Symbol (pdf)  –  Translations (pdf)  – Collected Poems (pdf)   –  The Future Poetry (including On quantitative meter) (pdf)   –  Letters on Poetry and Art (pdf) (which includes letters on Savitri, and more ; excerpt from the publisher’s note:

“The present volume is the first collection of Sri Aurobindo’s letters on poetry, literature, art and aesthetics to bear the title Letters on Poetry and Art. It incorporates material from three previous books: (1) Letters on Poetry, Literature and Art; (2) Letters on “Savitri”, and (3) On Himself (section entitled “The Poet and the Critic”). It also contains around five hundred letters that have not appeared in any previous collection published under his name. The arrangement is that of the editors. The texts of the letters have been checked against all available manuscripts and printed versions.”)

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