Électrodes : Loup, Jacques, and Lucas. The inner realm of three.

Électrodes : Loup, Jacques, and Lucas. Or the inner realm of three.

Version française du texte qui suit (cliquer ici)

Some more explanation for those who may wish to be provided some more.

In the beginning, long ago, the inner scribe wrote through Jacques Renaud.
Then Jacques Renaud vanished from consciousness for reasons.
Years later, the scribe reappeared through Loup Kibiloki.
Later on, Loup Kibiloki would make Jacques Renaud reappear from the inner realm when Jacques wished to or agreed.
Loup Kibiloki, essentially, from way back in time, was the poet (though he can tell a story).
Jacques Renaud, essentially, from the beginning, was the story-teller (though he could write a poem).
Many personalities in a same body (a tale of shock).
Loup Kibiloki saved the day and all the poetry that had been written years back until now.
It occured gradually, almost like that, like a blessing.
Both Jacques and Loup have been living and evolving in harmony for quite a while.
In the same body.
But Jacques is very far away, within.
The paths of consciousness and survival are infinite and full of surprises.
That’s the shortest and sweetest way to express it.
Some could call the whole thing a tale of “multiple personalities.”
It looks like it.

Jacques needed a friend to take care of things – and Loup appeared in the field of consciousness.

Loup is in charge of the blog Électrodes; he created it. Électrodes was the title of the first book published in 1962. That book, among others, has been thoroughly re-organized and re-written by Loup. Jacques feels good about that; he can drop in anytime on the blog, as he wishes, and he started recently to do so.

The legal person’s name is Hamilton-Lucas Sinclair. He owns and manages all copyright matters in his own name, in the name of Loup Kibiloki, and in the name of Jacques Renaud.

To this day, for all practical purposes and to put it simply, Hamilton-Lucas Sinclair never wrote.

But Lucas is tempted. He’d have his own way.

This story is an ongoing and evolving one of inner harmony and inner friendship.

© Copyright 2009-2017 Hamilton-Lucas Sinclair (Loup Kibiloki, Jacques Renaud, Le Scribe), click here


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4 Responses to Électrodes : Loup, Jacques, and Lucas. The inner realm of three.

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  4. Alda Procell says:

    “Quand on découvre
    une nouvelle pièce dans son être,
    il ne faut jamais hésiter à l’explorer.”

    Par rapport a ce sujet vérifiez 
    ☆ L’épopée de l’Extraterrestre ☆

    L’histoire recèle 3 mille brouillons, 
    soit dix mille études, 
    sur une seule feuille de papier.


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