In praise of Cassandra : She’s (was) right, Apollo knows it ..

( She should never be out of her mind, though : it hinders the gift, it can make her err. That’s Apollo’s trap.  At all events .. )


[excerpt from]  The Trouble With Mass Delusions — Zero Hedge :

  Cassandra_Cassandre The trouble with mass delusions is that they are recognized as such only when they are over – when the dazzling absurdity of certain widely held beliefs is unmasked by subsequent events.

” Interestingly, many delusions relate to war.

” At the beginning of World War I, there was a widespread misconception that the war would be over in months. In hindsight, this delusion was fueled by a deep misunderstanding, among citizens and military experts alike, of the impact that evolving technology would have on modern warfare…

Economics also provides its share of delusions, including the debt-fueled bubbles of both the 1920s stock market and the first dotcom boom…

  ” Of course, at the time not everyone held the same deluded views, but the disbelievers were (and always are) discredited, demoralized and ignored while the delusions were alive.”  —  The Trouble With Mass Delusions — Zero Hedge

[end of excerpt]

 Well, we know the origin of that spell : Apollo in love with Cassandra, bestows a fantastic gift on her : she will predict the future and she’ll always be right.  Then, Corporate massmedia and Governement Apollo asks Cassandra to go to bed with him.  She  refuses.  Apollo punishes her by adding a terrible spell to the gift he’s just bestowed :

Cassandra__Cassandre__02« You will always be right, Cassandra, that’s my gift, but nobody will ever believe you, that’s my punishment and spell. »

In short :  Hell  for you, bitch!

Since then the gods in power and the massmedia play the Apollo spell‘s game, and Cassandra plays Apollo’s gift game against and despite the spell.  More often than not, Cassandra is right, but she’s often also out of her mind because so few people believe her, when any.  She should never be out of her mind, though, it hinders the gift and can make her err, that’s Apollo’s trap.  Cool, Cassandra, cool, your gift will show you more of itself.

Yes, I like Cassandra.  She’s right, deep down.  And she’s certainly not dull.

To try to lift the spell cast against her, which, all considered, is a spell cast against all of us, is up to us.  And to her.


PS : The complexity of Cassandra’s destiny and.. complex, is so rich, obviously I didn’t even scratch the surface in this billet.  Actually, Cassandra seems to me as being more of an archetypal expression.  Which is complex, anyway.

© Copyright 2014 Hamilton-Lucas Sinclair (Loup Kibiloki, Jacques Renaud, Le Scribe), pour l’article (cliquer)




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