Beheading or stoning people to death is horrible, no doubt

And repugnant

It won’t be argued

.. Although some of the first videos of “Isis beheadings” which circulated on the internet look like pathetic amateur fakes to me — for instance, sawing the neck repeatedly without a drop of blood, etc.

For those who live in Québec, those videos reminded me of the RBO manner or style (Rock et Belles-Oreilles, et ici), their absurd kind of dumming down heavy humoristic stunts.  But what I’m talking about, here, in this short piece, is the real thing.

Actually, on the other hand, there’s a good deal of chance the first “beheading” videos (the “orange-guantanamo suits” videos) were fakes or semi-fakes, produced and released as a sort of “media psyop” operation, to kick off some kind of “copycat contagion” (once again, the “real thing,” if I can say).  It seems to work..  (and here, herehere, etc.)

 By_Way_of_Deception_Victore_Ostrovsky_cover Those who think that such a hypothesis —  purposely producing videos in order to provoke a copycat contagion and popular reaction in favor of military intervention and of sending boots on the ground in the Middle-East — is too far-fetched, they should read carefully (and re-read) books by ex-secret service case-officer Victor Ostrovsky — et ici en français.

Usually, most massmedia people don’t read those books (or if they do, they usually don’t heed their content, or worse, they completely, knowingly, deliberately ignore said content) — and they also wish you do the same because, otherwise, you’d probably end up with a growing tendency at turning those massmedia voices off more and more..

It remains that the reality of stoning and beheading is repugnant.

But what about, for decades and decades on, to this day, bombing civilian populations, indeed stoning them to dismemberment and death from heaven, and afar, and aloof, simply by pressing on  joy-sticks?

What about massively beheading and dismembering women and kids with “surgical” cruise missiles, or phosphorous bombs, —  or atomic bombs (not far back in time — with present powers seriously flirting with a comeback),  —  and with all our rational and scientific monstrous “un-supertitious” civilized, cruel, massive killing inventions? …

–   Waging Total Nuclear War against Humanity and Human Genes: Nuclear Radiation and Uranium 238 (DU)   –   Malformed babies resulting from israeli banned weapons   –   Depleted Uranium found in Gaza victims    –  Nuclear Fuel. What is it? – Wikipedia   –   Chernobyl Heart, video documentary by Maryann de Leo, on Google Video. Can also be found on youtube.    –    Was there an earthly paradise?  What was it?  Where was it? (Satprem and Mira Alfassa – the Mother)    –    Astounding 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature Joan de Blow never wrote a book!  She talks about Obama.    –   Invisible Person with Enormous Power: it starts with a “C”, as in “Corporation”, but it doesn’t end there…    –     Western leaders, western populations : awareness, massmedia control and censorship.   –   How can we make our consciousness vast?   –


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  3. You are very right my friend.


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