Putin’s Best Ally is Western Hubris

“Whatever We Decide Is A Disaster For Us”  —  France Admits Putin Is Winning, Europe “Blinked”

Achilles_heel_Tendon_d-Achille__01 « Hubris, also hybris, from ancient Greek ὕβρις, means extreme pride or self-confidence. When it offends the Gods of ancient Greece, it is usually punished. »  Wiki, Hubris.


.. And the gods make them raving in order to precipitate their downfall.  It’s inherent to the pattern  :  “Whatever We Decide [on sanctions against Russia] Is A Disaster For Us” says French ambassador Gérard Araud.

Western powers didn’t get it on time and I think they won’t.  They are beside reality.  They are para-perceiving.  In a nutshell, they are para-noïac, in the basic, true sense.  They don’t perceive, for instance, that when Putin says he’ll react rationally to Western sanctions, he really means it, and he really does it.  Rationally.  With intelligence.  That’s one of the main reasons why he wins : his adversaries and enemies are shooting themselves right in their Achilles heel through hubris because they are under some kind of fit (or spell!) of irrationality.  Putin is not.  If WW3 has been postponed, thank him. 

Actually, Putin faces irrational, panicking, psychologically inflated cheap adversaries who also, let’s mention it, dont’t give a dam about their own population (us).  Putin really does care for the Russian Federation population, especially,  —  but not exclusively, — for Russians and russophones (actually, I’ve noticed that few, whatever their “opinion,” seem to perceive that).

At all events, those Western powers who still don’t get it, — that the gods have had enough of their stubborn circus,  —  will end up defeated, mouth in the dust, like Achilleus killed under the walls of Troy, his heel pierced by a single arrow, because his mind was deluded to the point of hubris by the myth of his superiority and invincibility, and also because the gods were probably utterly fed up with that bragging prick.

And Putin, at the end, maybe won’t have taken to the bait of that stupid trojan horse (in the form of Ukraine offered as a gross, ultra-transparent, war-bait in order to trap Russia into invading Ukraine)  —  and Us-Eu will be left with the wooden horse to chew on, taking it back home, while leaving poor Ukraine in tatters, as they usually do elsewhere, — you’ve certainly noticed that, it’s a sinister classic, and yes, it’s sad ..

And Eu will probably be in need of the horse’s limbs to feed the fire this winter. It’ll help.

Source : cliquer.

Source : cliquer.

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