YahooSpeak. Abusive language according to Yahoo. Barnum & Bailey, beware! Update and conclusion.

“Great Saints have performed miracles; greater saints have railed at them; the greatest have both railed at them and performed them. ” Aurobindo

14:05 2009-02-08

Pamela was right! So was Ram!

Update. Follow-up to Yahoo considers this as abusive language. I’m intrigued. Conclusion to that funny yahoo oopsing thing.

“Oopsed” means that the comment is refused by invoking the presence of  “abusive language” – see first post: Yahoo considers this as abusive language. So, following that  post, I went back to yahoo and I changed the last sentence of the comment:

“Who was this circus guy who used to say that there’s one born every minute?…”

this way:

“Who was this circus guy who used to say something about… every minute?…”

Clicked to post the comment.


Then I changed “God” to “Goodness” in the sentence:

“Thank God, there’s no job.”


Then I deleted “pathetic” from the following sentence:

“Jobs were a pathetic joke people played on themselves, and it wasn’t funny anymore.”


Then I changed “hypnosis” for “the spell” in the following segment:

“…many candidates still under the spell, even after generations.”


Then I found back a way to send Yahoo some feedback. No answer. As usual.

Then I oopsed myself and decided to go back to something else, like poetry and physical exercise, for a while (push-ups and sit-ups and stretching, especially stretching, I love stretching …)

Once again, I went back on yahoo, same article. I’m stubborn.

15:34 2009-02-08

After posting the comment chunk after chunk (each segment including more and more of the entire comment and each growing-in-size segment automatically posted as a separate comment).

They are all accepted, one by one, until finally yahoo oopses the entire comment when I include the infamous last sentence:

“that there’s one born every minute?…”

It seems Pamela Villars was right (I also had some kind of hunch on this, but never as clearly stated as Pamela did). Clearly, the last sentence made problem.

I try to post that last sentence all by itself (nothing else): oopsed!

So I decide to transform that last segment, and I do that I don’t know how many times (ten, fifteen times), each time being oopsed when posting, until I reached the following version:

“…that so many continuously appear on earth?…” (replacing “one born every minute…”)

No no. We’ve not reached the perfectly correct yahoo sentence yet:  oopsed again!

This is some kind of thriller.

I don’t give up.

I submit the following last version of the so-unjustly-oopsed-segment:

“that humanity continuously reproduces itself?” (always in place of the “offensive” expression “one born every minute…”)

Lo and behold: unoopsed! Yes! Accepted!

Barnum (or was it Bailey?), I urge you to read this blog before posting on Yahoo!

Question, nonetheless: Was it abusive because of the “…” at the beginning of the segment and/or the “…” at the end of the segment following the interrogation mark? I deleted the 6 periods altogether before reaching my comment-posting complete victory. Maybe it was the periods. Who can deny what an accumulation of periods can do to humankind?  Think of it. It adds to 6 periods.  It’s a lot. Think. 6… 6… Think of it: what will happen if there’s a third “6”? Hum? Something’s there. Stretching it?… I haven’t tested with the periods …

For those interested in artifacts (actually, to me, nothing’s really trivial, everything means something, including trivia, ask Sigmund), one can still look up my comments posted segment after growing segment, until, at the end, I reached the “abusive segment” , and then the dramatic, unforgettable conclusion you’ve all witnessed (chilling :) [update: apparently, they don’t show the comments anymore – Feb 21 2009] which corresponded exactly, actually, to what Pamela Villars had said in her comment about this really sneaky, mean, lurking in the dark, last segment: “that there’s one born every minute?…” Yes: there was a “sucker” implied there, hiding itself, but not written. It’s the first time of my life that I witness the consorship of a text not written

What a bunch of morons …

So the best conclusions to all this are:

2 – I practiced writing. And push-ups and stretching.

1 – Bravo Pamela! Right on!

0 – That guy Barnum (or was it Bailey?) was born at the right minute.

Ram: the verb “to oops” could be added one day to the Oxford Dict.

How infantile and silly all this is.

Conclusion: I don’t go to Yahoo anymore. They can go to hell, they’re a waste of intelligence and time.

Yahoo considers this as abusive language. I’m intrigued :-)

© Copyright 2009 Loup Kibiloki (cliquer)


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3 Responses to YahooSpeak. Abusive language according to Yahoo. Barnum & Bailey, beware! Update and conclusion.

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  2. Ram Venkatararam says:

    Glad you got to the bottom of it.

    Thanks for the update

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