Émile Nelligan’s Winter Evening : Video of a new English translation of Soir d’Hiver (Comme la neige a neigé!)


New English translation of Émile Nelligan‘s poem Soir d’Hiver ( Winter Evening ) by Loup Kibiloki, interpreted and performed by Gilles-Claude Thériault on video ( you’ll find the text of both the English translation and the original poem in French, below, on this post ) :

I like Émile Nelligan. I always liked him. His poem, “Soir d’hiver” (1903), “Winter Evening”, is so suggestive, so magical, there’s an aura to it. Some people repeat it or quote it like a mantra.

There are certainly other translations of this poem – although I don’t remember reading any before translating the poem – and they’re different, for sure, although they could be similar (hopefully, not the same!), and they could be better than this one, even much better, and they could also be worse, much worse, and lalali lalala.


There’s one thing I’m sure of : I enjoyed translating Nelligan’s poem, especially the passage when Nelligan invokes those “birds of February”. Coincidentally, I heard birds today    (February 6, 2009), just outside from where I live in Haute Matawinie. I didn’t actually see the birds, though.

“Tous les étangs gisent gelés”, “All the ponds are lying frozen”, all the lakes, they “gisent gelés”. “Gisent gelés” is almost like ice crisscrossing the teeth and being processed into sound. Ice as sound. “Frozen” is very good to translate “gelés” (plural), but “lying” is rather soft-sounding compared to “gisent” – but with the same “death” connotation and meaning (for instance, “here lies” = “ci-gît” – although this specific expression, “ci-gît”, doesn’t appear in the original, I just mention it to illustrate my point). Instead of  “lying frozen”, I was tempted to put “frozen, frozen”…

Well, you’ll see how it came out. Here’s the translation I made (the text of the original poem in French appears following the translation) :

Lac Saint-Louis, Saint-Zénon, Haute Matawinie, Québec. Vu du Nord.

Émile Nelligan

Winter Evening

Oh! How the snow’s been snowing!
My window pane is a garden of frost.
Oh! How the snow’s been snowing!
What is the the spasm of living
to the painful grief I have, I have!

All the ponds are lying frozen,
Where is my life? My soul is black
And all her hopes are lying frozen;
Where do I go?  New Norway am I –
Wherefrom blond skies have gone away.

Cry, birds of February,
Cry at the sinister chill of things.
Cry, birds of February,
Cry my tears and cry my roses
At the branches of the juniper, cry.

Oh! How the snow’s been snowing!
My window pane is a garden of frost.
Oh! How the snow’s been snowing!
What is the spasm of living
To all the boredom I have, I have!…

( as translated by Loup Kibiloki ( Jacques Renaud ) )

Original :

Émile Nelligan

Soir d’hiver

Ah! comme la neige a neigé!
Ma vitre est un jardin de givre.
Ah! comme la neige a neigé!
Qu’est-ce que le spasme de vivre
À la douleur que j’ai, que j’ai!

Tous les étangs gisent gelés,
Mon âme est noire: Où vis-je? Où vais-je?
Tous ses espoirs gisent gelés:
Je suis la nouvelle Norvège
D’où les blonds ciels s’en sont allés.

Pleurez, oiseaux de février,
Au sinistre frisson des choses,
Pleurez, oiseaux de février,
Pleurez mes pleurs, pleurez mes roses,
Aux branches du genévrier.

Ah! comme la neige a neigé!
Ma vitre est un jardin de givre.
Ah! comme la neige a neigé!
Qu’est-ce que le spasme de vivre
À tout l’ennui que j’ai, que j’ai!…

( 1903 )

© Copyright 2009 Hamilton-Lucas Sinclair (Loup Kibiloki, Jacques Renaud, Le Scribe) – for article & English translation (click)

Le Vaisseau d’or : A new English translation of Émile Nelligan’s masterpiece.

Winter Evening by Émile Nelligan. A new English translation of Soir d’Hiver (Comme la neige a neigé!)

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