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Le Vaisseau d’Or, a new English translation by Jacques Renaud of Émile Nelligan’s masterpiece

Posted here, a recent English translation I made of Québec poet Émile Nelligan’s masterpiece, Le Vaisseau d’Or ( 1899 ).  I kept the original title in French. It feels right that way.  I took notes on the poem and the … Continue reading

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The Damned Canuck : a poem by Gaston Miron, English and French.

The way the images appear or burst in this poem: there’s something “rustic”, chaotic, unrefined about it; there is spontaneity, a strenght, an absence of pretention. There is emotion, sensitivity. It’s been written by a wounded bear. The poem conveys … Continue reading

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Émile Nelligan’s Winter Evening : Video of a new English translation of Soir d’Hiver (Comme la neige a neigé!)

I like Nelligan. Émile Nelligan. I always liked him.

His poem, “Soir d’hiver”, “Winter Evening”, is so suggestive, so magical, there’s an aura to it.

Some people repeat it or quote it almost like a mantra, I’ve seen it. Continue reading

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All Café-Terrasses are Vistas on Infinity. Let’s have coffee together.

Version française originale, cliquer ici (Original French version): Toutes les terrasses du monde s’ouvrent sur l’infini. On va prendre un café ensemble.   Forever you will meet Rimbaud in the saffron, vermillion alleys of Marrakech. We were born to have … Continue reading

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