When a word ends in “ism,” amputate at once, it’s dying!

Ce post a son double, son jumeau français, cliquer ici. Je travaille sur les deux en même temps.

Warning : This post is chaotic. Implicit in it : poetry doesn’t equate “rhyming,” “rhyming” doesn’t equate poetry. For those who still believe that it is necessarily so. I hope to find more time to work on this piece. I’ve published it now. It’s not finished. Anyway. It’s also both a kind of game and an exercise in ad lib translation and adaptation.

For the moment, this improvised chaotic piece is a sort of minor curiosity in the form of a bilingual-oriented draft in progress, sparingly growing at the pace of a dropper, bordering on gag (or what else). Which is:  an aphorism (the title), with the rest jotted down disheveled under it and improvised in haste.

In the future, I intend to put some flesh on it and instil some sense into it (Hell is filled with such good intentions…).

When a word ends in “ism,” amputate at once, it’s dying! … Or killing! Links in French pertaining to “isme” (“isme” in French – in English, it’s “ism”) :  -isme (Wiktionnaire).  Long list of words ending in “isme” on Wiktionnaire. Impressive : Liste of  French words ending in “isme” (Wiktionnaire). Scalpels on the ready. A sample :

The English list is as impressive. The riming effect is overwhelming.  Here’s a preliminary result from WordNavigator . WordNavigator knocks over a stack of more than a thousand terms in “ism.” Reading those lists, word after word, is like reading a powerful, insisting, raving, somewhat insane, often hilarious piece. I know. No surprise here. Something similar can be done with other word lists. Anyway. The poem rimes all the way down, isming to the very last drop of the drill.

Each of the following semantic casualty ending in “ism” is provided with a link on WordNavigator . Click on the following link (WordNavigator ) to obtain the entire list with each individual link. 1675 words found. A very short sample :



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