Rima Laibow on drugs, vaccines, toxic food, genes & genocidal plot

Published on December 10, 2012, on youtube by   DiscerningKate  ;  the interview itself took place on September 19, 2012.


Rima Laibow’s website : Natural Solutions Foundation.

A very critical article on Rima Laibow and Albert Stubblebeine : Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by the agents of disinformation and confusion

As for me, I have very good personal reasons to listen very carefully to what Rima Laibow has to say. Actually, I agree with almost all she says on contemporay pharmaceuticals, vaccines, etc. Lots of what she says confirm or recoupe personal intuitions, logical conclusions, experiences. As for the question of genocide in the making, there’s certainly much truth about it, there are always people who will do their very best to profit in all kinds of ways from any crisis to come and I think there is a real overpopulation crisis already taking place. Strangely, in general, there is not much to hear or read about a (real, or hypothetical) conspiration to overgrow the human population of this planet, which, logically, would or could have preceded the present genocidal conspiration.

Actually, more importantly, and not exactly the same, is the fact that there’s a war on human genes, and on that, I fully agree with Rima Laibow  (here too, on Chernobyl, Fukushima) . It’s not just a genocidal plot we could be facing, a massive one, yes, but which would be (or is), how can I say, not really new at all “under the sun.” Simply more monstrous and massive – and by certain aspects, more hypocritical and sneaky – than before in History. But the war on the genetic pool of the whole biosphere is the “real thing” we’re facing, here, it has not much to do with quantity, but rather with quality and essence : something is obviously trying to prevent any further evolution of consciousness in matter by sabotage, indeed, by destruction, or utter crippling, of the most evolved material basis for spiritual consciousness on earth : the genes. And that is damned obvious and damned serious, and only real opening to spiritual consciousness can prevent the sinister conspirational buffoons from prevailing. Each one of us can choose spiritual opening and evolution (which doesn’t imply rejection of action in the world).

So. I do listen with great interest to Rima Laibow. I think you should. Don’t shrink. You will never find a pure 100% living truth in this world, no 100% percent “pure human being” either,  forget it for ever and come of age, but keep searching, and in doubt, link to your innermost, tiny, peaceful, perception – or practice what some may call “double atention”, or whatever (you do regularly, no?)  :  (there’s no link to your innermost, peaceful perception on internet, you wont find any). So ..

Can dr. Rima Laibow be trusted?

The first question is always : Can I trust myself? Can you trust yourself? As in “innermost self?” And look around.

Whatever the state of the world, each human being evolve, change, learn. And yes, it’s always a very good idea not to take everything for granted or at face value, but we should keep in mind that real life is more of a living art of consciousness than it is of a strict rational-organisational method.


Waging Total Nuclear War against Humanity and Human Genes: Nuclear Radiation and Uranium 238 (DU)   –   Malformed babies resulting from israeli banned weapons   –   Depleted Uranium found in Gaza victims    –  Nuclear Fuel. What is it? – Wikipedia   –   Chernobyl Heart, video documentary by Maryann de Leo, on Google Video. Can also be found on youtube.    –    Was there an earthly paradise?  What was it?  Where was it? (Satprem and Mira Alfassa – the Mother)    –    Astounding 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature Joan de Blow never wrote a book!  She talks about Obama.    –   Invisible Person with Enormous Power: it starts with a “C”, as in “Corporation”, but it doesn’t end there…    –     Western leaders, western populations : awareness, massmedia control and censorship.   –   How can we make our consciousness vast?    –

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La fable de la chambre à louer, du nerd entêté, et des quinze règlements aplatis.   –  La fable du beau p’tit Paul et du nerd entêté.   –   La fable de la mésange, de l’érudit, et du nerd entêté.   –   Un coup bavant du Grand Avide, ou Kafka aurait pu le l’dire – fable ou conte ou poème bizarre (non, absurde, absurde).   –   C’est Der Fisch qui a détruit Die Mauer – nouvelle de Jacques Renaud (histoire de s’amuser).    –   Histoire de Loup-Garou. Fragments d’une chronique ancienne charcutée. Conte ou poème bizarre.


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  11. musael says:

    The question is why do these people are doing this? They are human beings like you and me, aren’t they? My answer is that they obey some sort of divine plan in order to awake us. They are under a divine hypnosis so they serve His plan. There is no other way someone can be so insensitive to the pain of others. Good and bad contribute to God’s aims. We have to ask ourselves the right questions.


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