No doubt, Agenda 21 is a very healthy, wealthy Citizen of the World — and a promising candidate to totalitarianism. Iphone it. ( Just jotting down a short one here, and musing. ) ( Carnet de Notes )

Arcane 21 (XXI), Tarot de MarseilleThe World, Le Monde.

No doubt, United Nations’ Agenda 21 is a very auspicious candidate to totalitarianism:  it’s full of “good intentions.” (pdf).

“Good intentions” which will get skewed on their way to full blossoming, as all ideological utopian straight roads to bloody happiness usually are, in order to guarantee, in the end, once again, their own successful catastrophic and shining failure.

I love walking and bicycling, though, and some other things you’ll get from that, whether you like it or not.  You’ll see.

And I also must tell you from the start that I agree with Theodor “Ted” Kaczynski who opens his 1995 Manifesto (you’ll find it here) with the following :  “The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.”

To me, one of the most recent aspect of that “evolving disaster” is Agenda 21 (1992) itself.  How do we get rid of an “evolving disaster” (and the society we live in is an “evolving disaster”, no doubt), when the “solutions” are born from it?  We won’t get rid of the “evolving disaster” Kaczynski evoked and described in his 1995 Manifesto.  At best, we will just manage the failure —  with results ranging from quite good to unbearable.   In that sense, Agenda 21 is unavoidable.

Meanwhile, while disaster managers are managing disasters, one can ask oneself much more fundamental questions, like this one, for instance:   “Why is there something instead of nothing?”

I was an active hunter-gatherer thousands and thousands of years ago when it first popped up in my mind.  And answers came, little by little (the fact is the dividing line between a question and a prayer is quite thin) ..  But the disastrous system we live in tossed away that question a long time ago  —  and apparently, that question (or that prayer?) is not part of Agenda 21, which means Agenda 21 is not essentially “different” from the disastrous system we live in  :  it prolongs it’s metaphysical misery, poverty, indeed emptyness, by simply trying to “stabilize” or “coagulate” the whole thing in its final form.

Those notes from my Carnet de Notes are really just that :  notes.  Zigzaging notes jotted down on the chaotic road to an other evolving totalitarian disaster.  There’s a video on Agenda 21 at the end of the post.  But the internet is filled with articles and videos on the subject, anyway.

That being said, let’s zigzag further, just musing (before getting back to Agenda 21, a little further down):  What about open range and free grazing?  You’ve probably watched some western movies?    Is Open Range a “communist movie”?  With corporate-capitalistc paid, masked, anti-“communist” terrorists (the “bad guys”) threatening common law cowboys (the “go0d guys”) en route from Montana to deliver cattle (probably in Abilene, Kansas)?..  “Open range”, “free grazing”…

I mention that, because North Americans, especially English-speaking North Americans, usually have a funny notion of what “communism” is.  Many consider that Agenda 21 is a .. “communist project.”  Strange )).  It’s part of their mindset, probably the result of decades of successful corporate massmedia brainwashing.

A “communist society” is, by definition, both a community and a stateless society.  Open range.  Free grazing.  Common law (or common mores).  Etc. There’s no State at all in a “communist” society.  No government.  No civil servants.  Pas d’fonctionnaires.  No taxes.  Pas de Revenu Québec.  No IRS.

Similar societies were common among hundreds of North America “pre-comlumbian” societies, tribes.  Most of them, apparently.  Actually, and obviously, they were not ideologically “communist.”  They were, de facto, dans les faits, living that way.  It was the daily state of things.   Which didn’t prevent the Iroquois to commit genocides against other tribes, as they did against the Hurons, and a dozen other Grands Lacs tribes  —  survivors taking refuge under the French around Ville de QuébecIt wasn’t Utopia.

Nineteenth century American Anthropologist Lewis Morgan has observed some of them (essentially, the Iroquois) in the state of New York.  He lived with them, studied them, almost all his life, and wrote abundantly about them. Btw, his written stuff made a strong and lasting impression on Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels..

USSR was a socialist totalitarian society, not a “communist” one, even from an ideological point of view (“SS” in the middle of “USSR” stands for “Socialist Soviet”).

USSR was a socialist totalitarian society, issued from a bolchevik coup d’état.

From there, was organized a rigid, powerful, often cruel, sometimes murderous, soon omnipresent, State (yeah, it wasn’t stateless, but who doesn’t know that, anyway..), watching and controlling “everything” (which is, stricly speaking, impossible, which made the necessity of tyranny even more compelling and worse), and controlling “everywhere” (impossible too, strictly speaking, which made the brutality of the spreading of state tyranny to maintain itself even worser (!)).

Agenda 21 wants to control everything, everywhere, on Planet Earth, down to the minutest piece or parcel of flesh and matter.  Tagged.  United Nations’  Agenda 21  is USSR on steroids.  Read their 1992 document.  Attentively.

Then watch, for instance, that petty psychopathic sting-man, Emmanuel Macron in France, going from worse to worser and ask yourself :  “What comes after “worser”?”  Totalitarian societies need to exert cruelty a lot, indeed to kill a lot, in order to maintain themselves in power.  Which means they need to dominate over huge populations  —  because they will put a lot of them to death (those who don’t “fit”) on their way to final shining coagulation.   There are 7 billion people on this Planet, and counting.  That’s irresistible to the Big Ascetic Greedies, as well as to the wannabe smaller ones, so what can we expect?..

( China still has a totalitarian controlling State. )

So, strictly speaking, and according to the characteristics of a “communist society,” neither China nor USSR are, or have ever been, “communist.”  Just totalitarian ..  Like non-communist free-world countries, for instance France, are on the way to become.

Today, the West is living under (and within) some kind of degenerating “capitalist” society, on the road to totalitarianism in order to maintain privileges for the few, in order to maintain artificially its rotten, artificially maintained, heartbeat.

Agenda 21 is a wishing Western offspring, silver spoon still dangling from the mouth, driven by denial, insanity, and fear of losing it all, in fear of watching, in awe, the silver spoon slip from its lips and fall into the abyss of time.  Once again.

The danger with Agenda 21 is the same as with any other utopia, including the self-deceptive industrial-computerised-capitalistic one :  shining idealism always comes closely stitched to its siamese dark shadow sister: dogmatic and murderous stubborness and rigidity.  Read Hannah Arendt.

Shining idealism and bigotry are very close brother and sister.

Arcane XIII (13), l’arcane sans nom. Tarot de Marseille.

The Nemesis to all those utopic failures, past, present, or to come, are the laws of cycles.  Or the Great Recycler.  They push the whole thing up, then maintain it for a while, then they bend it down and crush the whole thing down, then they surge upward again brandishing the brand new utopia.  Waves.

Those laws are freakingly bugging and nagging:  they have neither “good” nor “bad” intentions, they just have intentions.  Darn ..

Utopia can last for long, usually for too long, but, thank the Mystery-of-all-that-is, they’re mortal, like us, and like us they can’t escape it.

So there’s always hope  —  although you don’t even need that, and you’re probably better off without it: Utopia always resuscitate, whether one likes it or not, wearing new garments, and the whole cycle embarks on a new beginning, shining and kicking and marching with utter enthusiasm, like Macron in France, to ultimate foolishness, shame and oblivion.

A good rule of thumb is to always adjust to the deepest reach of your being and, at the same time, to brace yourself  for the outer deceptive and tough stuff.

Some may call that karma yoga.  I would.  There’s a secret there.  Never leave home without it.

Source :  Agenda 21: How Will It Affect You ?



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  1. Pierre Martin says:

    A good rule of thumb is to always adjust to the deepest reach of your being and, at the same time, to brace yourself for the outer deceptive and tough stuff.

    Both sides of the moon.

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