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No doubt, Agenda 21 is a very healthy, wealthy Citizen of the World — and a promising candidate to totalitarianism. Iphone it. ( Just jotting down a short one here, and musing. ) ( Carnet de Notes )

No doubt, United Nations’ Agenda 21 is a very auspicious candidate to totalitarianism:  it’s full of “good intentions.” (pdf). “Good intentions” which will get skewed on their way to full blossoming, as all ideological utopian straight roads to bloody happiness … Continue reading

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The only jobs available to a growing world human population will be more and more given exclusively to robots. ( Carnet de notes )

The only jobs soon available to a growing world population will be offered to robots. The only graduation possible will be to be transformed into one of them – or be physically eliminated. This will be the end of human … Continue reading

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