“Military Industrial Complex”: 56 Years Ago, Eisenhower coined the expression, live on B&W tv, to warn Americans and the World Of “The Unwarranted Influence” Of The Deep State.. (Audio-Video)

John Kennedy, his successor, would be assassinated..

Eisenhower. Janvier 1961. Près de trois ans avant l’assassinat de John Kennedy en novembre 1963.  Mise en garde contre le complexe militaro-industriel.

En fait, c’est dans cette vidéo qu’Eisenhower a créé l’expression “military-industrial complex.”

Un avertissement clair, prophétique, incontournable, par celui qui avait été l’ex-général en chef des  armées alliées durant la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale, le président Eisenhower, l’un des derniers véritables présidents américains.

Le dernier fut celui qui lui succéda : John Kennedy.

John Kennedy fut assassiné, vraisemblablement par le complexe militaro-industriel, auquel il avait voulu tenir tête sur le Vietnam, et contre lequel Eisenhower avait mis les Américains en garde. Et le monde entier..

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  • 56 Years Ago Today, Eisenhower Warned Americans Of “The Unwarranted Influence” Of The Deep State 
    by Tyler Durden, http://www.zerohedge.com, 17 Jan 2017
    In his farewell address to the nation 56 years ago, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the American people for the first time to keep a careful eye on what he called the “military-industrial complex” that had developed in the post-World War II years. Fiscally conservative Eisenhower had been concerned about the growing size and cost of the American defense establishment since he became president in 1953, and as History.com notes, in his last presidential address to the American people, he expressed those concerns in terms that shocked many of his listeners.

    Eisenhower began by describing the changing nature of the American defense establishment since World War II. No longer could the U.S. afford the “emergency improvisation” that characterized its preparations for war against Germany and…

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