Bombing Syria. Trump Betraying His US Electors ?.. Or should this title read :  ” Donald Trump Has Been Trapped Into Betraying His US Electors..” ? Time Will Tell.. ( a short-short comment )

Has Donald Trump been trapped into betraying his US electors.. ?

Time will tell..


Trump’s campaign put him in a similar position towards Russia (to favor good relations with Russia) as Kennedy was towards Vietnam (to end the presence of the boys in South Vietnam – no escalation and invasion of North Vietnam).

Then Trump decided, – Military-Industrial Complex, CIA, and “deep state” “pressuring”,  –  he wouldn’t be a dead Kennedy, after all, he preferred to be an alive Lyndon B. Johnson (Kennedy’s Vice-President at the time and constitutional successor to Kennedy) and bomb where told to bomb, in order, in the present context, to saccage and kill any possibility, for a long time, of civilized and fair or good relations with Russia.

Don’t you hear, in the dark, the neo-cons applauding ?  Listen carefully.

Could be called treason, opportunism, but also the result of blackmailing, of arm-twisting, of entrapping, whatever, no matter :  Trump did exactly the contrary of what he’d said he’d do.

One can also smell the man has been trapped by a deep cabal stronger than him, that the decision to bomb was not his, and the President didn’t have the choice but to act as if it was..

Meanwhile, the Trump that mass of people voted for seems dead.  Living dead.  Fallen.  Will he come back to life ?


J’ai fait l’affiche tout-à-l’heure.  C’est tout pour aujourd’hui ..

I made the poster a couple of hours ago.  That’s all for today ..

The CIA-Deep-State-Etc could give Trump “a break”.   Part of the deal.  I’d bet on that. Good deal of chance we’ll probably witness a significant lessening of antifa-sjw-feminist anti-Trump demonstrations. For a while.  But even that, I wouldn’t count on itTime and its deepest laws will tell – and I’m not their master.


«Un univers clandestin d’une ampleur insoupçonnée.» Rapport Duchesneau, la Corruption au Québec. Texte intégral.

La censure massemédiatique et Radio-Canada : vous ne saurez jamais..

Canada, Québec, Ontario …  un proto-totalitarisme souterrain persistant.

Canada : Pouvoir dérogatoire canadien et pouvoir dérogatoire hitlérien sont identiques.

Déclaration Universelle des Droits de l’Homme, Nations-Unies. Texte complet et intégral.

Depuis 1982, le Parlement canadien – tout comme chacune des législatures du pays – ont le pouvoir constitutionnel de violer, sans aucun recours légal possible, au moins 18 des 30 articles de la Déclaration universelle des droits de l’Homme des Nations-Unies, soit les articles suivants1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20, 26, 29.

Ce pouvoir dérogatoire canadien, c’est l’article 33 de la Charte des droits et libertés canadienne de 1982, qui fait partie de la Constitution canadienne :  Charte des droits et libertés du Canada (1982; lire l’article 33 en allant à la page 48)  ;  English : Canadian Constitution Act, 1867-1982 (1982; go to page 47, read article 33)

Documents de référence – La d’Habilitation nazie mars 1933, pouvoir dérogatoire québécois (1975), canadien de 1982. Essentiellement, les extraits pertinents de la Charte québécoise, de la Charte canadienne, et la Loi d’Habilitation allemande de mars 1933 au complet.

Québec: la clause dérogatoire et la loi 204.    –     Collusion : Karl Péladeau à Hydro-Québec et la Loi Labeaume-Maltais (loi 204)

Milgram, la torture, l’abîme de l’obéissance. Les candidats sont légion.   –   Le danger d’être canadien, le danger d’être québécois

Avons-nous jamais vécu en démocratie? Pétitionne, trace ton x, cause toujours.    –     Le Petit x du vote: Acte de liberté – ou Pacte de soumission?    –    Nos démocraties: Liberté ou Soumission volontaire?

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1 Response to Bombing Syria. Trump Betraying His US Electors ?.. Or should this title read :  ” Donald Trump Has Been Trapped Into Betraying His US Electors..” ? Time Will Tell.. ( a short-short comment )

  1. Well, he betrayed those who wanted to be betrayed. Always the same. But for the one who know the unknown (or what is call alike) everything comes in due time.


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