How can we make our consciousness vast?

Vortex, by algorias - link to Fractal Forest - click on illustration.

“Vast? Ah, there are many ways of doing this.

“The easiest way is to identify yourself with something vast.

“For instance, when you feel that you are shut up in a completely narrow and limited thought, will, consciousness, when you feel as though you were in a shell, then if you begin thinking about something very vast, as for example, the immensity of the waters of an ocean, and if really you can think of this ocean and how it stretches out far, far, far, far, in all directions, like this (Mother stretches out her arms), how, compared with you, it is so far, so far that you cannot see the other shore, you cannot reach its end anywhere, neither behind nor in front nor to the right or left… it is wide, wide, wide, wide… you think of this and then you feel that you are floating on this sea, like that, and that there are no limits… This is very easy. Then you can widen your consciousness a little…”

Widen the consciousness.  Mira Alfassa, The Mother

Was there an earthly paradise? What was it? Where was it?

Mother’s Agenda – Wikipedia

Satprem, la Shakti. Elle a toujours été là. Point de contact: l’attention, l’occiput, la nuque, la tête

Sri Aurobindo, la prison d’Alipore, et son poème «Invitation» – nouvelle traduction française.

La Zone Intermédiaire (1933) – Sri Aurobindo Ghose

The Intermediate Zone (1933) – Sri Aurobindo Ghose

On Integral Yoga and Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

Sri Aurobindo – Wikipedia

Mira Alfassa – Wikipedia

Max Théon – Wikipedia

Loup Kibiloki : poésies, suites poétiques. – Icerocket

About Loup Kibiloki

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4 Responses to How can we make our consciousness vast?

  1. Dieboublike says:

    Howdy; ive been skimming the website lots of times – Decided to make a post.


  2. Denny says:

    Just about the pic…I really like how interesting and unique it looks.



    • You’ve probably clicked on the picture, it links to Fractal Forest. The fractals there are really interesting, there are many, they’re all interesting, some are really beautiful and inspiring.


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