She rumbles. Elle gronde. Poème (English et français).

This Moment is a Wedding...

This Moment is a Wedding...

She rumbles.
I hear.
It’s Nature.

A silence vast
breaks down the noise,
hugging it
in a whisper.

Golden tow,
smooth Crescent,
void of sound,
on the other plane.

This moment
is a wedding.


Elle gronde.
C’est Nature.

Un grand silence
désintègre le bruit
en l’étreignant
dans un murmure.

Étoupe dorée,
lent Croissant
vidé de son,
sur l’autre plan.

Un instant

© Copyright 2009 Loup Kibiloki (cliquer)

Loup Kibiloki : poèmes, fables, ouvrages de poésie.

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Poésies, poetry.


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4 Responses to She rumbles. Elle gronde. Poème (English et français).

  1. aurick says:

    Hi Loup, I’m temporarily disabled by severe hayfever, so cannot respond coherently right now!! Give me a few days, if you would to get over this. Best to you in meantime, :)


    • Absolutly no hurry, Aurick. Take all the time and rest you need. I wish you the best. There was a member of the family, long ago, who would catch hayfever each summer, so I can sympathise :)


  2. aurick says:

    Hi, this is Aurick at Quantum Pranx. Just noticed that you have a link to me. I’ll take this as a compliment, of course, but I’m puzzled. Why? There’s no obvious connection, but perhaps I’m missing something? Take care, namaste.


    • Hi, Aurick. I’ve listed your blog under my “Overall Blogroll” some while ago (many weeks ago), because I liked it very much, research, facts, etc. – so it could come from there. I don’t remember linking to you from within a post or page, and under my stats board, I don’t see anyone, for the moment, who clicked to you from the blogroll, or from any other area. It’s a riddle to me too. As for the linking through the blogroll, you’re right when you take it as a compliment. As for the riddle of the clicking towards your blog that you’re talking about, it will probably clarify, but for the moment I’m in a mist – just like you. I’m curious. I’ll have a look on the posts that have been accessed on my blog – I could have linked to you within a page or blog. Or, or, or: I’m on blogomania and – and if someone clicks on Quantum Pranx from my Overall Blogroll on blogo or condron, it won’t show on my stats. Don’t hesitate to communicate with me for any precision or whatever. The best to you and your blog :)


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