Coronavirus : What Don’t Quichotte told Don Quichotte about windmills, bread, wisdom, crazyness. And dots. (Carnet de Notes — a short-short one)

Don Quichotte charging at a windmill.  Don’t Quichotte doesn’t agree with Don Quichotte:  “Don, you’re destroying everybody’s bread.  Including your’s. Crazyness.”


“Blending in has become wisdom,” said Don’t Quichotte, following the hallucinating and aging Cervantes’ Don Quichotte as a shadow.  “Where there’s crazyness,” added Don’t Quichotte, “there’s a dot of truth, pick it up. Where there’s wisdom, there’s a dot of crazyness, keep it preciously.  And leave windmills alone if you want to eat bread.”



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Jacques Renaud -- Ou ici, le blog, « Électrodes et Carnet de Notes (Ou déCandification d'un exCandide, Jamais Terminée) » Ou ici, sur le blog : Etc.
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