Coronavirus : What Don’t Quichotte told Don Quichotte about windmills, bread, wisdom, crazyness. And dots. (Carnet de Notes — a short-short one)

Don Quichotte charging at a windmill.  Don’t Quichotte doesn’t agree with Don Quichotte:  “Don, you’re destroying everybody’s bread.  Including your’s. Crazyness.”


«Blending in has become wisdom,» said Don’t Quichotte, following the hallucinating and aging Cervantes’ Don Quichotte as a shadow, «stop charging at Covid windmills.»

«Where there’s crazyness,» added Don’t Quichotte, «there’s a dot of truth, pick it up. Where there’s wisdom, there’s a dot of crazyness, keep it preciously.  Live, let live, and leave windmills alone if you want to eat bread.  Covid windmills are an hallucinating and sinister power trip and joke.  Stop falling for it, — but still, never forget to take care of your horse.»



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