Prohibiting Niqab. Which one?

La même chose en français – cliquer ici.

Some people want to ban this one :


While they’re at it, why not ban these ones :



Motorized elusive glass-tainted remote-control device

And phase out this one :

Stealth Bomber - Bombardier "furtif"...

Stealthy… It sees, it’s not seen, masked by technology …

Stealthily murderous flying giant niqab…

And then put an end to this :

Mère irakienne au secours de son enfant blessé..

Iraki woman with her child

To this :

Iraki woman embracing her wounded child…

And to this :

Iraki children

Iraki children

And then start to realize that the message of this …


… could have always been, and still be : “My eyes are the mirror of my soul. You start from there, from nothing else, and this is not negotiable …”

Quite a challenge, nowadays, and this is certainly worth a moment of serene meditation.

Which was the only purpose of this whole « banner » …

Thank you.



© Copyright 2010 Hamilton-Lucas Sinclair (Loup Kibiloki, Jacques Renaud, Le Scribe), click

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