Have you seen them ? The Snowers ? The Magic People of the Snow ? I met them once. What we have in common : We love snow.

This post is not a piece of fiction.



Some years ago (2001 or 2002), in early October, I opened the front door on a hunch – and there she was, the fluffy, enchanting, first snowfall.

And just in front of me, on the doorstep – lo and behold – there they were. The Snowers. The People of the Snow.

I’d never met them before. Never seen them before.  The Snowers…

No Snow, nicht Schnee, pas d’neige! … Where on Earth has the Laurentian Mountains’ snow gone?

Where are the Snowers, now, in 2009?

Where are the invisible (well, so-called “invisible”) Fairy People of the Snow I once met here in the village?…

Apparently, they are showering the white fluffy stuff elsewhere, where, well, it “shouldn’t” fall … 

 ( Update: late at night on November 29 2009, at last, it was… snowing!  Nonetheless, it’s almost two months late …  Anyway :  further down, this post is essentially about the Snowers, the “invisible” People of the Snow.)

I started working on this post around November 17, 2009. It started to snow here, late at night, on November 29 2009, which was – to me, at least – very late and very unusual.

Let me mention that I’d felt the presence of the Snowers for a while about twenty-four hours before it started to snow, which was a sign of coming snow. 

Meanwhile, around November 19 or 20, “Climategate” was exploding like a giant snowfall all over the internet  –  but this post is not on or about Climategate or the “climate debate,” except at the beginning of this article  —  although I’ve added some pieces on the debate, lately, at the end of the post.  (Also:  “Ado” is French for “teen.”)


I’ll come to the Snowers I met in 2001 (or 2002, I’m not sure) further down on this post.

But. First things first.

I’ve seen photos showing parts of Canada, or the US, and other parts of the world, where it snows – and apparently it’s not supposed to snow there – whether at this time of year, or at any other time, depending. That’s what I understand. And for certain people, it’s also supposed to prove something. It could. But it certainly doesn’t prove the “it’s warming” part of the debate. I’m also convinced that it doesn’t disprove it either.

The place where I live should be lavishly covered with snow since the beginning of October. And as up to late at night on November 29, nicht Schnee, no snow, pas d’neige! Temperature: mild. (Around 13 C (55.4 F) on Nov 19 – similar, more or less, day after day – a bit colder now on November 29). But it’s not really cold. In the context of the debate, it’s also supposed to prove something. It could. But it certainly doesn’t prove the “it’s cooling” part of the debate. And I’m convinced it doesn’t disprove it either.

Let’s face it: “here,” as well as “over there,” are both located on the same Planet.

Climate seems to be shifting, though. Well, presently, here, to me, climate is shifting – and so it does elsewhere, but in an other direction! Warmer here, colder there, signs of a long-term tendency? Qui vivra verra.

And the People of the Snow? The Snowers?  Les Neigeurs? We’re coming to them.

At any event, here I am, writing this post to tell virtually the whole world that where I live, in the Laurentian Mountains, in Québec (actually, in the Haute Matawinie region, far from the touristic ghetto of the Tremblant region westward), I should have been shoveling snow in spades for almost two months…

And I haven’t yet.

Not that I don’t want to.

Actually, I’m one of those strange people who are in love with winter, and like so many of those strange fellows I’m especially endeared to the first snowfall. It’s magical. It’s erotic. It’s astral. It’s Vivaldi. It’s sweetness and light.

I’m coming to the Snowers.

There’s something about “climate” that I’ve not heard or read about over the internet – I don’t pretend that it’s absolutly absent, that’s impossible, I’m sure, but it’s certainly absent from the “mainstream-internet- serious-debate-about- climate.”

That “something” missing is related to the following.

And it is not fiction :

We’re in 2009.

The following happened seven or eight years ago, (2001 or 2002.

Some years ago, in early October (2001, or 2002), first days of October, in the evening, it was the first snowfall, I was excited, t’was like champaign in the air, I opened the front door on a hunch …

Yes, there she was, fluffy, fresh and refreshing, white, abundant, enchanting, the first snowfall sensually showering all over the village where I live.

But there was something else.

Just in front of me, on the doorstep – lo and behold – there they were. Who? The People of the Snow, pardi!

Never heard of them?

The one who was standing right there, at the font door, is the one I most clearly remember. And just on my opening the door, he said: “On est là” (“We are there”).

First impression: he’s the “ageless” oldest of his group (that was my first thought, although it may sound strange, but read on) .

The guy, the Snower, wasn’t directly facing me. Not always. He kept an eye on the falling snow. Kept an eye at the others who were moving here and there in the village, partly veiled or “camouflaged” by the constant downward move of  the falling snow. The Snower was sometimes facing South, sometimes looking obliquely in my direction, or looking in the direction of “his men.”

I could have touched him. He was standing at much less than my arms’ length. Just there. Right there. On the front porch.

He was wearing green, that I remember. His cap was green, soft, worn, a “medieval” type of “hat,” or “toque,” but no elegance, forget elegance. Zilch elegance. I don’t remember other colors, except for the lighter, very pale greenish-beige leggings – they fitted close to the legs, which were strikingly thin. The cloth of the leggings were worn, and behaving like cotton, the leggings weren’t “slick,” they weren’t perfectly tight, there was a “sloppiness” in the leggings, especially at the knees where the fabric was extended. The green cap looked old, soft, worn. The green “vest” wasn’t attached with a belt. No real shoes, but some greenish kind of “medieval” chaussons, with a loose curved-up end at the toes (really not the kind of “winter shoes” I would wear – but obviously we didn’t have the same needs…).

There were others like him.

They were farther away and moving here and there.

Most of them, those I got a glimpse of, were generally shorter than him – but not all of them.

They were moving within the abundant snowing veil, they were busy.  I understood they were doing something related to snowing, whether bringing the snow, or just the snowfall specifically, maybe bringing just the first snowfall, maybe, or they were brought by the snow, as out of some kind of natural necessity, or duty, or function we (I) know not much about, or nothing about. Whatever. To me, all of them were “snowers,” and that’s how I’ve called them since: The Snowers, Les Neigeurs. Or People of the Snow, Peuple des Neiges.

They weren’t there simply to “play in the snow,” that’s for sure, but they weren’t bored by it either, obviously. They were there to “do their job,” to “manage the snow,” to control and manage something important in relation to snow, especially on the first snowfall – and they were at ease with their job, they liked doing it, that was clear, you could feel it.

They had something to do with “bringing the snow,” or “managing it,” but in what sense, and to what extent?

The one who was standing on my doorstep, his feet almost touching the treshold, the same one who had said “On est là” (“We are there”), was somewhat slender, with legs very, very thin. His whole body was thin, and it was not “straight up.” He was about 5.5 foot tall (1.67 m) (actually, he was almost about my height, which is 5 feet 7.5  inches (1.71 m)). He was “ageless” – to my perception and feeling. He impressed me as some kind of ado (teen), but with long, curved wrinkles. He was both, to me, old and with no age – as though unborn, or “ungrowth,” or “born old.” His face wasn’t chubby, but somewhat moonlike, there was a “roundness” to it. Not human. That difference strongly felt. Old chap. Reliable (spontaneous feeling of reliability to him, the feeling of a good friend, of someone with long, very long experience at doing what he was doing – but also fundamentally different from us, a difference of “essence,” or “species”).  He looked somewhat like an “old ageless ado.” I repeat myself, I know, but this is not a piece of literature, I mean: it’s not fiction. [Actually, some details are popping up through my memory while I’m writing, re-reading, correcting this post, details which I didn’t expect to pop up – I remember more details, probably because it’s the first time I write about it – and I must keep any imagining at bay, too. This post will probably be updated from time to time after first posting. Well… I find it interesting, and I’m rediscovering things while working at it!]

He was there, standing up, very casually, on the first-floor balcony.

He was the manager, the “leader” of the crew. He was some kind of “elder” ado, (re-reading, it sounds like “eldorado,” which wasn’t meant :-), he was some kind of “elder,” although some kind of kid too, but the one with experience,  just coming at my door (without knocking at it – I’d just opened the door on a hunch at the very moment he happened to be standing there, waiting). Just coming at my door like the “man in charge.” As though in charge of some sort of “municipal job.” And he had come at my door as if just to say, matter-of-factly, something like “hi, everything’s ok, we know you enjoy snow, so do we, we’re there, came at your door just to say hello, glad to do it, I must leave now, I’m on duty …” (He didn’t actually said that.)

I understood he cared for those who cared for his kind, for them, and who appreciated their taking care of the whole process of snowing (or part of the process of snowing).

The Snower went away, back to his job, lightly, no haste. He went away, fading out in his own showering fluffy stuff.  Many other Snowers were moving around within the growing thickness of the snowing veil (the snowing veil growing thicker with the distance).

Then, there was only that fluffy, generous, abundant shower of white snow. Enchanting.

For the time, I’d lost perception of that friend from another dimension.

The whole thing had lasted a minute or so. No more.

As for the nature of the job which is his (to my perception, the one who’d talked to me was a “he”), I certainly don’t (completely) understand what it is. But what I know is that when it snows, especially when it starts to snow, the Snowers are there, they’re always there. One can sense them days before they arrive, so that sensation is a harbinger.

As I said, what you’ve just read happened some years ago, in early October (2001, or 2002), first days of October, in the evening.


What follows is now, fall of 2009.

While waiting for the Snowers in 2009.

The Snowers, the People of the Snow, they’re not there.   There’s no snow, nicht Schnee, pas d’neige. Meteo forecasts: more of the same for the next fifteen days or so (counting from November 17, 2009), which means we would reach December without snow [update: it snowed on the evening, November 29].

The village where I live, in the Laurentian Mountains (Haute Matawinie), is supposed to be one of the highest of any village, or town, or city in Québec. Some people say it is the highest locality (not the highest mountain, but the highest inhabited locality). I never checked that carefully, and I don’t really mind whether it’s the highest, or not. What I know – I’ve been living here for years – is that it’s supposed to be snowing now. I mean now. Listen: Sometimes, there can be a sudden snowfall in May. I’ve been told that years ago, local people have witnessed snowing in June (it melted rather rapidly, it goes without saying –  but nonetheless).

It should be snowing yet, and it’s not. Nothing. I can’t hear the snow. I can’t smell the snow. I can’t see the snow. No sign of snow. I can’t sense snow approaching.

The People of the Snow are far, far away, busy with snow elsewhere (though I refuse to believe they could have given up on us, here). Sounds like a complaint on my part. Sorry for that. But can you imagine: The People of the Snow could have migrated  elsewhere for ever !?!

They’re busy elsewhere. They’re busy over there where it’s snowing while it’s not supposed to.

Not supposed to? Loup! If the People of the Snow are over there, it’s because it’s supposed to snow over there, whether people like it or not, whether you like it or not. Otherwise the Snowers would be… elsewhere. Wherever it snows, and soon before it gets snowing, wherever, they are there, don’t they?

Could it be that, as I’m inclined to think, they are there, so it snows? Do they bring the snow or are they brought by it ?  Maybe both.

One thing I’m sure of:  They’re always there where it snows and when it snows.  Especially at the beginning and just a little before.  That, I know, I’m sure of. And they’re not there on a picnic. They work. They’re busy. They’re busy and they enjoy what they do. They’re related to snowing and snow. They’re the Snowers, sapristi! They’re working people. They’re extra-dimensional working people. People of the Snow.

Have you seen them over there where it snows ? Have you sensed them? Have you…


If you don’t like it snowing over there, far from here, just try to tell ’em, try to tell the People of the Snow, try to tell them they’re still welcome here. Just that.

“Here” means the “Laurentians Mountains” (they’ll understand the name, no matter with what accent it’s pronounced, especially if it’s mentally pronounced, they’ve been around certainly for at least thousands of years, certainly much more, they’ve heard everything). Tell them they’re still welcome here. Around where I live, at least. Because I must admit – and I know that the People of the Snow know it too – there are people, here, who hate winter and snow.

Yes, I know, it’s a shame. They should not hate winter and snow. There shouldn’t be people like that. But there are. They should give up on cotton, alcool and coffee in winter, and on all anti-winter and anti-snow clichés, it would help. They don’t know what they hate. What I’m sure of is that they don’t know what they’re playing with when they feel that way, always talking about how they hate winter. By so doing, could they be  chasing away something important that they know nothing about? Sure they could be!

I know that what I say here doesn’t prove climate change is “man-made” – and doesn’t disprove it either – but for sure I don’t think it is good politics to constantly scorn Nature and her workers. That could pretty well provoke climate shifts, ignorantly. Could. Prove me the contrary…  Planet Earth is big, she’s complex, she’s sophisticated, certainly multidimensional, she’s certainly not as “scientifically correct” as so many people would like her to be. Planet Earth is still, today, as mysterious as can be, and it’s always bad politics to act harshly – in deeds, feelings, thoughts – without knowledge, to act harshly toward something sophisticated, mysterious, sensitive – and, in the long run, always prevailing.

But some people do scorn Her. In all kinds of ways.

I think they should not.

And I think they should be cool with the People of the Snow. And with any People akin to the People of the Snow that could exist, or that you know, or that you know of.

They should.

Because we never know.

There could come a day of reckoning when we’ll have to negotiate something with the People of the Snow. Could have to negotiate something related to survival.

Consider this. If you were of the People of the Snow, if you were a Snower, would you negotiate with people who hate you, especially when you can wholeheartedly do without them?…

Maybe the Snowers could tell themselves something like “let’s clean the atmosphere from all those annoying feelings, thougths, deeds, words, and let’s ensnow the whole chibagne for a couple of thousand years… Let’s enjoy a little thousands of years of kindness, fun and peace.” And if it’s not People of the Snow who run the show, maybe their boss could give them orders or instructions to that effect.

The Snowers are not bad people, but sometimes good people can get fed up to be constantly shot shit at their hearts, at what they are, or at what they do. Think about it. Snowers are good and sensitive people.


I’ll wait for the People of the Snow.

I’ll put my snow-shoes at the door… And a nice branch of spruce. I know it can help.

Don’t forget. Tell ’em about what I told you. If you like the snow over there, keep all of it, that’s ok, I understand you, we must share. But… tell them anyway. They’ll certainly find some good stuff left and bring it here.

I’ll wait.

I’ll wait for them.

And for you.



November 29, 2009  —  23: 48  —  (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada):

That’s it.

It’s snowing tonight, November 29.

Will it last? Who knows?

I sense the presence of the People of the Snow. Moving around at mid-trees. But I’m too excited. I don’t see them.  I haven’t seen them clearly.  This time.  But I sense them.  I know they’re here.  I can sense something in me that keeps me from seeing them clearly, I don’t know why – but I know this will go away (when?).  But they’re back.  Thanks.

The Snowers did their best against many odds, I think.



December 4, 2009  —  19:56 —  (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada):

Within 24 hours or so, it started to rain. All the snow has melted. Still raining. There would be much to say about climate shifting here. Snow and winter should have been here more than two months ago.

The Snowers did their best. They’re good people. But they don’t run the whole show.

Thanks anyway, Snowers. I don’t run the whole climate thing either.



December 8, 2009  —  17:27

Now, it’s winter. Let’s say it’s winter. Mild winter, but the forest is deep reddish-brown, the lake is white, a thin layer of ice has gradually formed formed over it. Not much snow have fallen: the courtyard still shows the brownish hair of frozen herbs through the white sparse snow.

While it’s snowing where “it souldn’t,” it isn’t snowing where “it should.” What does it mean? I don’t know. But I must acknowledge what I see: it is a shift. The facts I witness can’t be denied.


Climategate? The “debate?”

Let’s not forget the smog and the toxicity and health hazard resulting from burning coal, using oil, etc. Greedy people did their best to lead people down the garden path using “global warming” and falsified data for power, money, profits, career. So it seems. We’ve been made aware of  that,  following successful russian hacking – or was it a whistleblower from the inside? – just at the right moment…  Fine. Now, simply this: let’s beware, that others, with the same asenine appetite for power, money, profits, career, are not presently trying, this time, at this very moment, through the “global warming scandal,” to lead us up another garden path…

In a nutshell: Let’s wisen up.

Let’s observe.

Let’s be silently attentive to the depth of our feelings. They can, even faintly, teach us or tell us a thing or two.  Let’s become more transparent and intuitive.

Let’s cherish the facts we observe, let’s try to have them smoothly yield their signification and message.

I mean, yes, let’s wisen up.


December 9, 2009  —  14:09

Snow storm! The real one! Could knock down the grid  —  at least in this area. I save this right now, light bulbs are blinking.  Ouiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I love the Neigeurs!


December 11, 2009  —  13:10

Coldish. Two modest snowfalls yet, plus one “storm” (they call it a “storm” over the radio, so I call it a “storm” too); it was a nice one I must admit, with winds, I love winter winds. It left 18 cms of snow around the house (I measured it with a stick).

I’ve been living all year long in the mountains of Haute Matawinie since July 2001. I witnessed the following twice (two winters): unfrozen soil, or unfrozen ground in March (ground somewhat soft, even muddy, under the snow…). I’m not sure whether or not it was two winters in a row. These are facts. What do they mean? The best way to know it is to have them or let them talk to me, they’ll explain, that’s all. Just learn the language… With prânayama, one can get globally (oh, sorry!…) warm. One has to practice. Why do I mention that? Oh yes. Because. Let’s mention that even mild winter can drive you to hypothermia if you’re not cautious. Temperatures between 10C (50F) and, let’s say, -4C (24.8F) can lead to hypothermia if  one is heedless.

In an urban or semi-urban environment, the fact to ignore that shivering, for instance, even light shivering, is the first sign or symptom of hypothermia, can be without much consequence (except for lowering the strenght of natural immunity through wasting precious bodily heat); but it’s not the case in the woods, or in the wilderness.  In a city, one can get away with neglecting to protect oneself adequately against the wind and cold weather :  one can always go inside, somewhere, then get out, and then again back in a store here, then a restaurant or a café there, then out agin, then one takes the bus, or the subway, goes back home, etc. In an urban context, you’ll probably feel tired, weak or sick, take some medecine… But in the wilderness, nothing allows any real break from exposure to cold : hypothermia is always lurking around.  Shivering is very serious matter. When you start shivering in the wilderness, look to it, it’s dramatic. You must take all precautions beforehand not to let shivering happen.


I’m not a “climate believer” — in any sense the expression could have.  I’m not an expert (wild animals are, though). But I like facts. They’re mischievous kids. Yeah. They trip you. They’re funny. They really don’t like phony scientists, advertisers, or preachers. I like exceptions. Exceptions are gates.

This winter is milder (nice understatement) than last year (2008), but last year wasn’t what I call “real winter” either. It was mild…

The “debate” on climate: Hee ..  No comment. Except this : I’m fed up. And this : red astral lights flashing all over it, wall to wall. Institutions lying : what’s new under the sun?

I quoted the following article (because it could add to the confusion…  :–))

“As Christopher Booker says in his review of 2008, temperatures have been dropping in a wholly unpredicted way over the past year. Last winter, the northern hemisphere saw its greatest snow cover since 1966, which in the northern US states and Canada was dubbed the “winter from hell” —  [Comment by Loup: when I was a kid, the priests would try to terrorize us, darn little sinners, with descriptions of hell, and they insisted: “It’s not only FIRE, it’s also ICE!!”  It was exciting. Those priests really had their way with metaphors. And it was a good initiation to surrealism – or to Dante Aleghieri. End of comment by Loup.]  —   This winter looks set to be even worse….

[Telegraph.co.uk 1:51PM GMT 30 Dec 2008]

from: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/environment/globalwarming/4029837/Global-warming-Reasons-why-it-might-not-actually-exist.html

“Worse…” it will be, says the December 2008 Telegraph article about the then coming 2009 winter. This is if I interpret the article correctly – because there is no such thing as a “2008 winter” or a “2009 winter.” Winter doesn’t stop December 30 at 00:00 midnight! Neither does it start on any January 1 at 00:00:01.  There is such a thing as a 2008-2009 winter and 2009-2010 winter, yes …  The latter is the way I interpret the figures from the article (winter of 2008 = “2008-2009 winter,” etc); presently, it’s the 2009-2010 winter. I must chose.  The article is fuzzy (to me) as for the dates mentioned. Just consider it. Does it speak about “2007-2008 winter” when it speaks about “2008 winter,” or is it “2008-2009?”

BE CLEAR, for climate’s sake!

If I’m simply being a simpleton, here, don’t hesitate anyone, drop me proof of it in the comment box, I like facts, they trip you, they test your balance, they keep you aware, they fly in your face and you look silly (or inspired), often they’re amazing. Or boring. Actually, facts are neither amazing, exciting or boring by themselves —  it depends on you entirely. That’s a fact.

At all events, now, it’s obvious: Québec isn’t part of Canada.

It’s not even part of the northern hemisphere anymore …  Shh …

From global hell to local freedom … Shh …

And the Snowers? Ah, the Snowers. My old friends.

They don’t run the show, whether global or local, and neither do I: we’re equals.

I think I’ll move to their dimension and learn a trick or two about snow, snowing. Maybe I’ll take Québec with me. No one will notice. Not in the northern hemisphere.


Give me freedom and give me snow!



December 11, 2009  —  16:14

I’m going to make a confidence: …No.  Just after the following quote and comments.

The following excerpt is from an article emphasizing the “global cooling” side of the “debate”:

“Climategate does not just demonstrate the corruption of science and peer-review; it also demonstrates the incompetence of specialists who do not understand planetary ecology, especially its cycles.

“We’re being fatally led up the wrong garden path by green businesses, politicians, the IPCC and their computer geeks with their doctored spreadsheets and forecasts. They need to get out more and study the real world – not their virtual reality – because, like the asset bubbles of the financial crisis, the global warming bubble is about to burst…”

First, my comment, and then my confidence. Good article, the one just quoted, but I can’t refrain when I catch a lapsus and I hope the author will forgive me:

“We’re being fatally led up the wrong garden path by…” [me: whoever, from any side.]

Interesting lapsus. Do you like lapsus? I think this one is significant. In any event, it is bulging. You see it?

Everybody knows the expression, “To be led up (or down) the garden path…” It means being conned or defrauded or lured into something that’s false, deluding, deceptive, etc. The garden path is neither good nor wrong, the garden path is simply and always deceptive (within the overall meaning of the expression).  However, some people enjoy (suuuubconsciously, I insist) being led down or up the garden path, or maybe they need it (which is not the case with the author of the article, I’m sure), consciously or not (usually unconsciously, you can bet on that), otherwise there would not be so many people, often masses of people, being deceived, led down or up the garden path, year in year out.

Among them, some wish to be lied to, but the way they choose, or the way they’ll enjoy, they don’t want to be lied to the wrong way, they want to be lied to the right way. They don’t want to be led up or down the wrong garden path. They want to be deluded in the truthful way, they want to be led up or down the right garden path, they want to be lied to the correct way, they want to be lied to according to their beliefs

That’s the reason why I included the following here on December 8 (and before, at the forefront of this blog, and even before in some comment boxes here and there over the internet):

Let’s not forget the smog and the toxicity and health hazard resulting from burning coal, using oil, etc. Greedy people did their best to lead people down the garden path using “global warming” and falsified data for power, money, profits, career. So it seems. We’ve been made aware of  that,  following successful russian hacking – or was it a whistleblower from the inside? – just at the right moment…  Fine. Now, simply this: let’s beware, that others, with the same asenine appetite for power, money, profits, career, are not presently trying, this time, at this very moment, through the “global warming scandal,” to lead us up another garden path…

“…to lead us up another garden path …”  Another. There is no “wrong garden path” or “right garden path” implied here, just another deceptive one coming …

Now, my confidence: This “other garden path” doesn’t mean any symetrically opposed “global cooling side” to the “global warming side.” The deception would come from elsewhere, probably from behind  —  but this time, it would use the “coolers” if the “coolers” have the upper hand in the debate, and again they would use them for profits, power, prestige, the same way the “warmers” have served as “shield” and  been manipulated (people and data). We’ll have to wait and see. While the two sides are fighting, vultures are watching. You’d bet on that? Sure you would:  IT IS ALWAYS LIKE THAT. So be cautious and watch. Observe. I can sense them coming. Around. The real adventure, here, as always, is an adventure in consciousness.

Well, this was not a confidence at all that I made, doesn’t pertain to that category, for sure.

Here’s my confidence (it’s a boring confidence, not a sexy confidence, but it’s a confidence): I’m inclined to think that a cooling cycle could be coming. And a warming up from sources or causes other than those that are usually being described, mentioned, or talked about in the media, or sources that we’re not aware of, or causes that we can’t even predict or imagine now. They will mix.  There will be some kinds of climate shifts over the planet. Watch “micro-climates.”  The real thing is going to take us all by surprise. What’s coming, essentially, is unpredictable. Preparedness for what’s unpredictable is psychological preparedness to unpredictability…

Meanwhile, know cold, know it good, and prepare for it.

Personally, I’ve been doing it for years and with very poor, modest material means  —  but in the perspective of eternity.



December 13, 2009  —  00:28

Meanwhile, Winter’s wrath is said to be sweeping ACROSS  CANADA, expecting temperatures as low as -50 C  (-58 F). Read. First, pour yourself a HOT cupatea. HOT.

From: CTV.ca News Staff
Date: Sat. Dec. 12 2009 4:27 PM ET


“Winter is announcing its early presence with authority across the country today.

“The Prairie provinces are mired in a bitter cold snap.

“Environment Canada has issued wind chill warnings across the region, affecting large parts of Manitoba and Alberta and almost all of Saskatchewan.

“Most can expect temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius, dropping to as low as -50 C in some parts of the province over the next 24 hours.”

End of excerpt

I told you:  Québec isn’t part of Canada anymore.

At least the Laurentian Mountains aren’t.

We’re sailing somehow, somewhere, in an other world. After years of practice, let’s admit…

I hope we’ll hit some kind of winter in a galaxy not too far. And again, that we’ll come across the People of the Snow. They’re anywhere it snows.

Link to article from CTV.ca News Staff:

Winter’s Wrath Sweeps Across Canada


December 13, 2009  —  14:15

Gentle snow silently falling down. No winds. Not cold (I haven’t measured temp in degrees). Beautiful. Sweet. Mild. Smart (yes, observe how it falls, there are episodes of snowfalling that betray smartness, like ballet betrays esthetic sense, or like SpecialEffects betrays know-how – or consciousness – it’s the same – snow is alive).


December 14, 2009  —

Meanwhile…  draw your bible and your exorcism kit!  The Canadian Winter From Hell Rages ON !!!! (except in Québec).

Report from December 13 in the Prairies:

Edmonton, Manitoba, shatters cold record on December 13  at  -46.1 C  — Cigdem Iltan — Edmonton Journal.

Hi. Meet the People of the Snow, the Neigeurs (hope you won’t choke on the French word — personally, I savor it…). As I told you, if you’re fed up, send them back. Les Neigeurs. If you can still find Québec on the Canadian map, though.

The people of Copenhagen and the whole world pray for SnowWhite not to fall over Alberta’s tar sands (pouash!); that would be winter in hell. I don’t want to see that.

And on Earth, Peace…

Snow is peace.

It’s not hell.

Pour yourself a HOT cupatea. HOT.

Go drink it  –  OUTSIDE!


December 22, 2009  —

Cold. It’s winter. I haven’t measured temperature – except with my body. It’s cold. But no snowfall since December 13.

The People of the Snow. The Snowers. Les Neigeurs.

I miss them.


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1 Response to Have you seen them ? The Snowers ? The Magic People of the Snow ? I met them once. What we have in common : We love snow.

  1. Peter Quinn says:

    Hi. I am a long time reader. I wanted to say that I like your blog and the layout.

    Peter Quinn


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