Invisible Person with Enormous Power. That Deity’s Family Name is “Corporation.”

Invisible persons with enormous power...

Invisible person with enormous power…



What’s a “Corporation” ? 

Short meditation :

I can have coffee with a person. I can’t have coffee with an invisible person. A Corporation is a person. But I can’t have coffee with a Corporation. A Corporation is an invisible person. An Invisible Legal Person. Usually, a Corporation also has enormous power.

If a Corporation is an Invisible Person with Enormous Power, then a Corporation is, literally, a god.

I mean : literally, not metaphorically.

Sometimes, their names are incredibly explicit, as in RayTheon, which means something like  “Ray Of The Gods ” or “Ray-God” – in French: «Rayon Des Dieux» ou «Rayon-Dieu».



Our civilization is under the yoke of invisible nasty gods in control of the heart, mind, nervous system of officers, employees, judges, governments, multitudes, and their health, life and death.  Or it is some kind of égrégore, some kind of occult, astral conscious “collective aggregation”;  it is built and it is autonomous.  It’s a godlike power.


Table Ronde G8, fusain et gouache de Michel Casavant -1986; lien sur l'illustration.

Table Ronde G8 (Round Table, G8) , 1986, fusain & gouache by Québec artist  Michel Casavant. Source : click on íllustration.


Why, “nasty” gods?

Documentary The Corporation  offers a list of some of the outstanding characteristics  of Corporations in general :

—    callous unconcern for the feelings of others;

—    incapacity to maintain enduring relationships;

—    reckless disregard for the safety of others;

—    deceitfulness : repeated lying and conning others for profit;

—   incapacity to experience guilt;

—   failure to conform to social norms with respect to ethical behavior… Etc.

And it happens that you will find those characteristics, or “symptoms,” in a psychiatric diagnosis of the personality disorder called psychopathy

Our civilization is insane – and sanity starts within, right where those nasty gods hold control…


Now, before you go ahead, first things first : smile (no, inner smile, inner…, not like that guy in the White House, or that other one at l’Assemblée Nationale de France, or like any leader in the Canadian Parliament or the Québec Assemblée Nationale, or like whatever Power Icon you can think of, no:  the real McCoy of a smile, inside, inner… It’s your inner bunker, it’s soft but it’s a bunker,  it’s your invisible bunker of strength and softness; some call it dignity, some call it “inner castle”, not “bunker”, some call it immortal soul, it has many facets, it’s very deep and real and the nasty gods can’t touch it, you’ll see.)

Then, go ahead…



Une Centrale nucléaire?... Non. Ou peut-être que oui :) C'est le Siège social de La Banque des Règlements Internationaux, à Bâle, en Suisse - The Headquarters of The Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland... The shape of the building is quite striking: that of a nuclear power plant...

A nuclear power plant? No. Or maybe yes? :) This is the Headquarters building of The Bank for International Settlements (La Banque des Règlements Internationaux), Basel (Bâle), Switzerland… The shape of the building is quite striking: that of a nuclear power plant… Trivial or significant?… BIS (BRI) seems to be some kind of “High Priestess Corporation of all Corporations,” or some kind of  “Papesse des Papesses…” BIS is owned by the network of Central Banks; Central Banks are owned or dominated by powerful private banks.


© Copyright 2009 Hamilton-Lucas Sinclair (Loup Kibiloki, Jacques Renaud, Le Scribe), cliquer


The Corporation [3/23]  A Legal “Person” – video on YouTube – 5 minutes.



Was there an earthly paradise?  What was it?  Where was it? (Satprem and Mira Alfassa – the Mother)  – Sri Aurobindo : The Intermediate Zone

Invisible Person with Enormous Power: it starts with a “C”, as in “Corporation”, but it doesn’t end there…

Do you remember Chernobyl? Nuclear disaster contamination: apparently worse than previously thought  –  Waging Total Nuclear War against Humanity and Human Genes: Nuclear Radiation and Uranium 238 (DU)

Western leaders, western populations : awareness, massmedia control and censorship

Astounding 2009 Nobel Prize for Literature Joan de Blow never wrote a book!  She talks about Obama. (Satire.)

Safe-Haven US Currency – surfing on strangeness and naught – a bizarre, satori sort of poem –  Icerocket

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6 Responses to Invisible Person with Enormous Power. That Deity’s Family Name is “Corporation.”

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  2. Teresa Silverthorn says:

    Thanks for inspiring my latest piece, and statement.

    Front page:

    no need to advertise my site, you can delete this comment ;)

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  3. Teresa Silverthorn says:

    Your personal power is only taken from you, with your permission. Cooperations take from you, what you freely give them.

    Only my opinion, but I don’t watch television (which allows me freedom from commercials and subliminal advertising), and I use logic in my decision making.

    In other words, I think all humans have, at their disposal, the inner power to discern.

    They choose not to use it.

    Good site :)

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    • Thanks Teresa.

      You inspired me this “ad lib” answer:

      I turned off the tv set for the last time in my life in February 1998. I got rid of the tv set itself in 1999. I had stopped buying newspapers and magazines altogether in 1998 for the same reasons I’d definitely turned off the tv set.

      The relief, since… :)

      Contributed to growing through more discoveries.

      It was a very serene decision. Needless to say, I never regretted it.

      Mass media entertain a state of hypnosis through subliminal commercial overfeed, overt or covert half-truths, half-lies, little nice lies, little ugly lies, complete lies, falsity, niaiseries. The effect is akin to the “musak” they submit people to in shopping centres, mass radio programs, and elsewhere.

      As for the power to choose, it exists, I use it personnally, but the human range of human choice is rather narrow – though choosing, even within that narrow range, can be crucial and one should never give it up. It’s a modest tool, but a very real tool, a good wrench, a good friend, a good tool which pretends to nothing more than what it is. I like it.

      However, for instance, I never surrendered the genetic integrity of life on earth (which includes everyone) to any nuclear corporation lobby (the game of nuclear radiation as we know it today started by the end of the nineteen century, apparently in France, I wasn’t even born) which doesn’t mean I can’t do anything, even just a little if I can’t do more, about that cruel ongoing psychopathic nonsense.

      And at the same time, I agree with the fact that a mass of people surrender their critical mind, even their best instinct, to the soft or brutal noise of mainstream society “as is.” And to them, the “power to discern” is an deeply inhibited potential, it’s not actual, it’s not in the field of awareness, it’s not a conscious power. It’s not an actual capacity. They can’t exercise it because it’s absent from their conscious mind. Masses of people are total unknowing victims (which doesn’t mean that all victims are unknowing – “totally” victim) – though often suffering nonetheless but without knowing why.

      We all learn, though (life is like a “sculptor”).

      The key could be this: that the only surrender that grows into freedom and joy by its own affinity and virtue is surrender to the inner divine in us. The capacity to discern grows from there. Real dignity has its seat there. The capacity for action real grows discreetly from there. The “adventure of consciousness,” so to say.

      So… Yeah, was saying “I got rid of the tv set,” using the “wrench…” :-)

      Thanks, Teresa, for dropping in :)



  4. Loup-

    Having found your site, I find I am forced to confess I flunked French more than once. I flunked Spanish too. I just barely got a passing grade in Latin.

    I noted your approval of my post over at the George Washington blog. Thanks. It’s always nice to be appreciated.

    I write philosophy, moral philosophy. It takes a lot of balls to say you write moral philosophy. I say it with a straight face.

    If you are even mildly interested, and if you’ll CONSIDER doing translations, I send you a copy of one or two of my books to read -at no expense or obligation to you.

    There is a tremendous amount of misinformation out there, -everywhere-.

    Philosophy, or at least the philosophy I write, sweeps it all away.


    Don Robertson
    Limestone, Maine

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Don. Thanks for your comment. I’m certainly interested. I’ll be back to you :) Ciao.
      Thanks for answering my comment on Washington’s blog. If you want to send me your book(s), you’re very welcome, but I doubt I would eventually find the time to translate even one of them completely – even though I could find interest in translating them: it’s a question of time, other activities here, etc. For instance, since december 2008, I’ve been busy at posting all the poetry I’ve written or published (under a pen name) since the beginning of the sixties; I revise, often I rewrite, it’s far from over yet, it’s like a second life… I do sometimes, occasionally, translate short pieces of writing, like short poems, etc., on a hunch, but not a work of a certain length, like a book.

      That being said, through the comment I read from you, I find your ideas and analysis interesting and very good food for thought; good analysis always contributes at making sense out of chaos, false ideas, confusion, disinformation, lies, hypnotic repetitive clichés – it contributes a lot at making things appear in a new light, indeed at making certain things appear, period, etc.

      At all events, I send you a postal address where any parcel sent will reach me.
      Feel free. Life goes on. Pleasure. Loup.

      Link to Washington’s Blog post: What is the Main Cause of Residential Foreclosures?


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