Coronavirus and Curvophobia. Lady Covid. “Flatten the Curve.” Individual Isolation, Collective Obeisance, Quiet Tyranny. And the Phoenix. (Carnet de Notes)

“Flatten the curve” sounds misogynistic.  Ironic, coming from Feminist Regimes.  Or is it the echo of some feminist raging pro-choice catch-phrase?  Or some anti-fat hate-speech?

We’re facing a sudden, unforeseen, obsessive pandemy of curvophobia..


What really is that “curve” “they” want to flatten,  —  besides those statistical-based coronavirus curves found on graphs and pies?  To “flatten the curve” is a metaphorical fish, after all.  Not a real fish.


Are there some narcissistic selfies we haven’t yet seen of Lady Covid exhibitionist self-pitching contorsions, hiding behind a giant baseball cap?  Forget that one.  If we only understood everything we’ve ever said in our lifetime..  (that last one is paraphrased from Gurdjieff about writing and reading).

But let’s be serious (although it could be argued I was..) :


« Sache que jamais les hommes ne se sont crus aussi libres qu’à présent, et pourtant, leur liberté, ils l’ont humblement déposée à nos pieds. »  —  Dostoïevsky, Le Grand Inquisiteur; Les Frères Karamazov, II, V, V.

I think the imposition of social distancing (physical distancing) is sinking in in the deep psyche of millions of people where it’ll take root in almost everyone.  Except, maybe, in those who’ve learned to watch every detail of the trick in action and fully understand how it works  —  or, moreover, it won’t even penetrate in the subliminal recesses of those who, more simply, have found the inner chaitya purusha.

The imposition of social distancing (physical distancing), the imposition of confinement (quarantine), but, more important than the imposition itself by authorities, the willing acceptance and complete active self-justifiction, [sweet typo! just saw it, re-reading))] by millions of people, of those impositions,  —  is the fact that active acceptance of the imposition by the subject makes the injunction sinking deeper, in almost anyone.  The imposition sown seals itself within. Below the surface.  Sometimes quite deep. Depending.  Ready to pop up from one’s subliminal recesses, on cue from massmedia or political authorities any time the powers that be, in the future, will need that willing and active deep-seated, deep-rooted, active obeisance and self-submission.

“They” now have a very neat demonic trick to deny the masses any kind of gathering or demonstration, or debate (in the flesh), or even conversation (in the flesh):  they can make people submit themselves willingly to self-paralysis, to self-imprisonment.

The coronavirus pandemy was the perfect training ground for such a level and depth of control on populations.


The Quiet Tyranny is constantly rising through time.  And there are other Lady Covid to come.  Each will be proclaimed dark queen of our hearts, minds, bellies, when needed by the powers that be.  The Quiet Tyranny will keep growing until only multitudes of flattened and submitted isolated estranged shadows of selves remain.

Unless the phoenix rises from deaper than our depths, breaks the chains of hypnosis and melts them and transforms them in his fiery fire.  Like a thundering miracle rising from time immemorial, rising from the Nuit des Temps and challenging us to a new and free adventure of life and consciousness.

But apparently, a phoenix needs lots of ashes in order to rise from them.  Which means it needs a lot of fire.  One just need a spark, though, to light it.  Small beginnings.  If you find a spark, keep it preciously.  It’s a question of time, the spark has to grow.  And that spark contains your destiny.


Btw, I just watched this. James Corbett. Short.  Good video:




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