I don’t want to transgender to a bearded lesbian anymore, I want to be a tree, I love CO2. (Carnet d’Nuts)


I wanted to get rid of my horrible and decadent cis-male and beta-plus pre-modern condition.  I tried first to mutate to Eba gender (well, you know: Edible Bean-Array gender) but no feminist cook would deign taking the whole stock of me to the hot marital oven.  Maybe because there exist no dedicated feminist cooks.

I’d failed miserably.

Forêts du monde – Forests of the World. Source: Leet Software.

So I changed my mind and I decided to transgender to something less surrealistic, a bona fide lesbian, and I became a heavily bearded woman (didn’t have to shave)  –  but still competing for women on the heterosexual field !  Damn !

Nothing had changed!

Then after all that drill, I had enough, I took a break, I simply became completely crasy.

Strange! Nobody noticed…  After a while, I realized crazyness was the freaking politically correct norm all the time!!  And the norm had now become universal.  Nobody had told me! 

Phoque !  Phoque !   I’m leaving.  For the woods.  I want to be a tree.  A cis-male of a tree, roots and limbs and leaves and sky-high.  I should have done it a long time ago.   I have a lot in common with trees.

I love CO2.



Festival de Cannes: Face aux quotas 50/50 à venir, moitié réalisateurs femelles, moitié réalisateurs mâles, se profile un missile inédit : Les réalisateurs mâles transgenres femelles lesbiennes. Et les réalisateurs mâles transgenres femelles hétéros. (Carnet de Notes)

Les premiers bébés humains naissaient certainement armés jusqu’aux gencives..

«D’la viande #MoiAussi ! Rendez-moi l’porc que j’ai balancé!», s’écrient maintenant les féministes: Selon ces dernières, les mâles auraient privé les femelles de viande depuis la nuit des temps, c’est pour ça qu’elles sont plus courtes et fluettes que les mâles..

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